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Corporate Oriented

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Corporate Oriented

20 Days
Rs. 1000
About This Course

Edify -A Virtual Learning Platform aims to furnish the efficiency, productivity  & demands of the workforce which are related to industries like IT, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, academics, etc. Using a forward integration pedagogy, we strategically & operationally cater the industry needs by addressing the challenges it faces or might face in the future with regards to workforce, efficiency, productivity and procedures.

It is vital for an organization’s workforce to constantly sharpen and hone its skill sets to be globally competent and so to be in pace with the constantly evolving industry dynamics. Edify -A Virtual Learning Platform leverages on its experience in the industry, the mentorship of its founders & expertise of its partners to provide the latest & in-depth workforce capability building techniques, precise, customized and digital as per the industry requirements.

Challenges faced by the Industry

  • Less Efficient Workforce
  • Low Productivity
  • Low Employee Motivation
  • Poor CRM
  • Un availability of Skilled Personnel
  • Workforce not tech-savvy
  • Non-availability of the training system

Over the period of time and as a result of continuous efforts and hard work Edify -A Virtual Learning Platform is successful in creating, precise deliverables to cater to the above mentioned issues that are presently concerning the industry.

Through short-term, precise, customized and digital consultative model, Edify A Virtual Learning Platform has partnered with the industry in tackling these issues to instill high productivity, efficiency, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.


  • Skill gap identification and Bridging solution: Identification of the prevailing skill gap at Organization level, Functional level or Individual level, catering the training & non-training problems, and indorse appropriate solutions and help to inculcate the same at ground level
  • Consulting and Directing: Consulting the clients regarding the issues they are facing in the areas related to Human resources, shop floor, operations, marketing, finance, etc. Providing the latest tech enables solutions and infrastructural support as and when applicable all done in the precise and customized industry expert guidance.
  • Talent Acquisition Services/ Resourcing: As and when required, we provide to our clients globally competent, technologically sound skilled workforce to meet the customer’s expectations across levels and verticals.
  • Project management Services: Expert guidance to solve and mitigate the day to day management issues. Consultation to build and strengthen the organization's Project management capabilities. Training modules, precise and tech-driven curriculum to transform the workforce so as to become more productive, efficient and globally competent.
  • Marketing Services: Making your business visible to your target audience, getting new clients, customers and making the process more efficient and productive.
  • Leadership/Soft skills training: Delivering value to the organization’s workforce in the domain of Leadership styles or soft skills so as to work in tandem so as to achieve common goals at the earliest.

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