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Microsoft Project - Advanced

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Microsoft Project - Advanced

8 hours
Rs. 720
About This Course

Microsoft Project is a useful project planner software designed to assist in creating, maintaining and tracking project plans. Microsoft project is a humongous software application - almost 30 years of history! Released mid-1980's on MS-DOS.  So, it has every plausible feature built into it by now - and even more. Creating, managing and tracking world-class schedules - with complex requirements of resources,  allocations, budgets, reporting and tracking and whatnot, it has all.


For who is this course?

  • New Project Managers with no first-hand experience of using any tools
  • Experienced PMs with no Microsoft project management software experience.
  • Self-taught users of Microsoft Project - who only used it only for basics - like creating a schedule
  • Senior and Executive Management- Handling one or many PMs, projects and budgets
  • PMPs
  • Project team members responsible for reporting


What would you be learning from this tutorial for Microsoft project?

  • Defining and creating a project, resources, assignments, as well as tracking and reporting.
  • Creating a work breakdown structure, linking tasks and then displaying and printing the project's Critical Path.
  • Different resource types and how these, and costs, can be assigned to the project
  • Formally closing the project and creating a template from the existing schedule.
  • Printing and communicating different aspects of the project plan using custom and pre-defined reports using Microsoft project 2016.


How would you benefit from this Microsoft project tutorial?

  • Make the most of planning and managing projects using Microsoft project online Building on your existing skills and teaching you to make the most of this powerful Microsoft project management software.
  • Create better project plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyse workloads.
  • Be able to use multiple calendars, consolidate ideas, share resources, base plan, track projects and customise Microsoft Project.

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