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SAP QM - Quality Management

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SAP QM - Quality Management

20 hours
Rs. 720
About This Course

About the course:

SAP QM module certification course is a reputed course in business management and professional organizations. SAP QM training is suitable for both students and professionals and is a beginner to the intermediate level course. In this course, both beginners and intermediate learners will get understanding about integral parts of Quality Management using SAP tools.


What is SAP QM?

SAP QM module online course is a Quality Management course. SAP QM module is a significant part of the SAP Logistics Bundle Package tools in SAP R/3. The SAP QM training will provide knowledge to students and professionals in areas of quality management areas such as quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control at various stages of the product lifecycle.


What will you learn?

In this SAP QM module certification course, students will learn about quality management, which will lead to inspecting and analyzing warehouses, incoming goods and raw material. SAP QM training consists of a different bundle of activities such as Quality Planning, Quality Inspection and Quality Certificates. Students will also learn about Material Master and Sampling Procedures, MIC sampling scheme, Code Groups, Quality Inspection Methods, Results Recording and Decision Specific Materials and Control Charts. After completion of this course, the students and professionals will be able to answer interview questions regarding SAP QM training questions.


In this course, you will study about:

  1. What is SAP QM?
  2. How to use SAP QM tools?
  3. Quality Planning in SAP QM
  4. Quality Inspection in SAP QM
  5. Quality Certificates in SAP QM
  6. Material Master and Sampling Procedures
  7. MIC sampling scheme
  8. Code Groups
  9. Quality Inspection Methods and Results Recording
  10. SAP QM Tables, SAP QM process flow
  11. Decision Specific Materials and Control Charts.
  12. SAP QM module interview questions.

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