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Unix and Shell Scripting

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Unix and Shell Scripting

5 hours
Rs. 720
About This Course

AT&T Bell Labs created an operating system in the 1960s called Unix, written in C, which allows quicker modification, acceptance, and portability. A variation of Unix came in the form of Linux. It is the software on a computer which enables applications and the users to access the devices on the network to perform some specific function. In Unix, the Command Shell is the command interpreter. It provides a command-line interface for the users to interact with the operating system. The script is a series of commands that run together.


For who is this Unix Shell Scripting online training?

  • Students who want to learn Shell Scripting, SED & AWK to work in the industry
  • Software Developers/Engineers who want to work on software development/maintenance/automation
  • System Administrator who want to manage systems efficiently and automate the complex tasks
  • Technical Manager who want to have a better understanding of how all tech work can be managed efficiently
  • Anyone interested in Unix and Shell scripting or Shell programming.


What would you be learning from this Unix Shell scripting training course?

  • Introduction to the Unix Operating System
  • Features of Unix
  • Different flavours of Unix
  • Unix System Architecture
  • Accessing Unix Server
  • File System Layout in Unix
  • Managing files in Unix
  • Unix Command Usage
  • Unix Directory Structure/Hierarchy
  • Editors and Unix Commands
  • Basics of Shell programming
  • Practical Unix Shell scripting examples and Unix Shell scripting programs


How would you benefit from this online course of Unix Shell Scripting with examples?

  • After completing the course the with Unix Shell Scripting certification, you will be interview-ready in these areas:
    • Unix Infrastructure and architecture, Unix Development
    • Unix Application Support and Unix Testing
  • Additionally, this Unix course will be helpful for candidates who are working or willing to work in the fields of technology like ETL Development/Testing, Big Data & Hadoop Development/Testing, Java Development/Testing, Unix SQL Production Support, etc.

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